Gray Fox Native American style Flutes

Native American Style Cedar Flutes
 By Gray Fox

native american flutes  in keys of A,G,and D

The Native American style flutes for sale online here are for any skill level player. Gray Fox crafts these from western cedar, they are hand made with care in a minor pentatonic scale. All finger holes, the sound hole, and air hole are burned to seal the wood as well as provide a smooth sound. "Woodland", in this case, refers to the manner in which the track is cut into the flute body itself. Flutes are hand tuned one finger hole at a time to insure good intonation. To finish, the flute is oiled inside and out to protect the wood from over drying and to bring out it's beauty. I price these flutes low in order to hopefully make them more available to anyone that would like one. Don't let the prices fool you, as I stand behind every flute I make. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you can return it for an exchange. Wood grain and shade vary from one flute to another. Payment process is completely secure . Email any questions you may have.

five hole cedar flute in A minor

The five hole flute in the key of A, is small with close finger holes. To hear a sample of it, play the clip below.

gray fox flute in key of D

A lower, larger flute in the key of D# has a deep tone.

Below is a sample of a gray fox flute in D#.
native american flute in Gminor

The six hole flute in the key of The G ,with close finger holes, is also suitable for a beginner.

Below is a sample of a gray fox flute in G.

Gray Fox flute in F#
The key of F# is a personal favorite. It is an easy playing flute with a haunting tone.

Below is a sample of a gray fox flute in F#

Gray Fox Flute 1" Bore mouthpiece

Low A, B, C, D, D#, and E have this type mouth piece.

Gray Fox flute 3/4" Bore Mlouthpiece

F, F#, G, and A have this type of mouthpiece.

Thank you so much  Rodrigo, Joshua, Andre, Maria, and Mike

for all of your songs and your help.


All flutes are bubble wrapped and safely packed in tubes for shipping. We use USPS Priority service. This keeps time spent in actual transit to a minimum. There is  no handling fee, and domestic shipping is free. You will receive an email notification when your flute is about to be shipped.

Time needed to fulfill a flute order is seven to fourteen days. It may take longer during busy times, or less when things are slow. Please let us know if you're order is a gift, or you have other details concerning a timely delivery, we will do our best to meet your needs. Shipping time is usually 2-3 days.
Return Policy
If you find a problem with your flute, contact us to make us aware of the issue. Gray Fox Flutes will repair workmanship issues, or exchange the flute with one that is problem free. Your satisfaction is most important. For that reason, our flutes have a lifetime guarantee. Our goal is to provide a flute that is free of any workmanship issues, and that you enjoy playing. Customers pay return shipping cost, we cover the replacement flute's shipping.

Caring  For Your Gray Fox Flute.

To keep your flute sounding good, as well as to avoid drying to possibly crack, you will need to oil it inside as well as outside.  You can use a mineral, plant, or nut oil of your preference. I use sunflower oil as a base.  Oil the inside by holding the flute over the sink, or better yet outside, and slowly pouring  the oil into the holes and into the open foot end of the sound chamber. Hold the flute at an angle as you roll it over. Try to make sure you get oil on the entire inside surface.  You can then let it sit for a bit, or go ahead and pour the excess oil out. Next, prop the flute up someplace safe to allow any remaining oil to find it's way out before putting it up. I don't advise putting anything into the flute other than the oil itself. You can carefully oil the outside of a gray fox flute with a soft cloth. Otherwise, check to see if oiling the outside is necessary with the maker of your flute if you are unsure.

Oiling is a way of feeding your flute. Do it with love and care. It will sing it's appreciation and live a long life.

Playing a Gray Fox Flute...

There are a few things about playing a flute that may make your experience more enjoyable and easier.  First off, that
block (bird) tied to the top of the flute directs your breath through a track, into the cutting edge. Air hitting this
edge is what produces the sound. The position of the bird changes the flute’s sound greatly. Too far back makes a breathy
sound, while too far forward creates a thin sound and the flute won’t play correctly.
 If the block moves, adjust it by moving it slightly forward or back carefully while blowing in the mouthpiece to hear the
sweet spot that works for you.
Next is an occurrence called “wetting out”, which results in the flute's sound squeaking to silence. This is due to
moisture in the track from your breath condensing and blocking the airway. A forceful blow can clear this, and sometimes
removing the bird is necessary. To somewhat avoid this, hold your flute up while playing to keep the air chamber as dry as
possible. In humid conditions, this annoyance becomes even more likely. If you play, it will happen, so don’t be alarmed.
When playing, try to sit up straight, and breath into the flute rather than blow into it. Be mindful and breath your notes
into existence.
You will find a wealth of flute wisdom at I highly recommend checking it out for breath/playing

One thing every flute owner  is faced with is how to tie the bird on the flute. Below are animations showing how to tie two knots commonly used to do this.

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