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Gray Fox Flutes

Gray Fox Starter Flute

Gray Fox Starter Flute

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This Native American style starter flute caters to those embarking on their musical journey with this instrument. Tuned in A# and featuring a 3/4" bore, it stands as our shortest flute at approximately 18" in length. Its conveniently spaced finger holes, about 1" apart, allow for effortless coverage, making playing more accessible. Crafted from western Cedar, these flutes offer a forgiving and enjoyable playing experience, requiring very little practice.

Included with the starter flute is a printed scale chart. This guides beginners on how to cover holes to play the pentatonic scale. Once mastered, following a simple rule, you'll be ready to play your own heart song—a spontaneous expression from within. This personal and cherished instrument encourages the channeling of emotions through music. Whether joyous or melancholic, let your feelings resonate through your flute.

Like all Gray Fox Flutes, this Native American style starter flute undergoes meticulous craftsmanship. The Native American starter flute has burn-sealed air hole, sound hole, and finger holes which are each tuned meticulously for precise intonation. They receive a natural non-toxic oil treatment to both protect and enhance the wood's innate beauty. It serves as an excellent companion, easily carried along wherever your musical spirit takes you.

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