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Gray Fox Flutes

Gray Fox Spirit Flute in A-432 Tuning

Gray Fox Spirit Flute in A-432 Tuning

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The spirit flute in A-432 tuning embodies a musical journey awaiting exploration. Featuring a 3/4" bore and measuring approximately 18" in length, this instrument exudes both elegance and functionality. Its thoughtfully spaced finger holes, situated around 1" apart, ensure effortless and complete coverage, facilitating an immersive and enjoyable playing experience.

Hand made from high-quality western Cedar, these flutes stand as a testament to craftsmanship and resilience. The forgiving nature of the wood allows beginners to swiftly find their rhythm and melody without having learned breath control. With just a touch of practice, aspiring musicians can unlock their distinct heart song—a harmonious expression of inner emotions through music.

Each Gray Fox Flute epitomizes precision and attention to detail, boasting burn-sealed air holes, sound holes, and meticulously tuned finger holes. This dedication results in precise intonation, enabling players to explore diverse melodies with confidence. Moreover, these instruments receive a nurturing coat of natural, non-toxic oil, safeguarding the wood's integrity while enhancing its inherent beauty.

Portable and versatile, the spirit flute in A-432 tuning proves to be an ideal companion for musical enthusiasts on the move. Wherever your melodic odyssey leads, let this instrument be your trusted ally, resonating with the echoes of your musical endeavors.

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