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Gray Fox Flutes

Mid Range Handmade Native American Style Flute

Mid Range Handmade Native American Style Flute

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Key/Funamental Note
Mid range Native American style flutes handcrafted by Gray Fox represent an embodiment of musical artistry catering to both beginners and experienced players alike. Fashioned with precision from resonant western cedar renowned for its warm, mellow tones, these flutes promise an enchanting and fulfilling musical expedition.

Designed with a forgiving nature and strategically placed finger holes, these instruments specifically cater to the seamless handling of mid range flutes, ensuring an enjoyable playing experience for musicians of diverse skill levels.

Each flute undergoes a meticulous hand-tuning process, intricately calibrated to a minor pentatonic scale and offered in various keys, allowing for personalized musical preferences. To enhance its allure and safeguard the wood's innate beauty, a thorough application of a non-toxic natural oil blend envelops the instrument, ensuring both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Celebrating the unique variations in wood grain and hue, each flute boasts individual character, enhancing its visual and sonic appeal. With a generous 3/4" bore size and lengths ranging from 18" to 23", contingent upon the selected key, these Native American style flutes beckon players on an evocative and transformative musical journey, encouraging exploration and creativity through melody and rhythm.
Below is a sample clip of Gray Fox mid range flute.

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