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Gray Fox Flutes

Native American Style Drone Flute by Gray Fox

Native American Style Drone Flute by Gray Fox

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Gray Fox drone flutes are designed in the side-by-side configuration, featuring a one-piece body with two chambers. On one side, the reference side plays the fundamental note without finger holes. On the other side, you have the option of five or six finger holes, tuned in the minor pentatonic scale, matching the fundamental note. Playing both sides simultaneously produces a harmonious resonance, creating a unique and beautiful sound.

Drone flutes require more breath, as essentially, you are playing two flutes at once. Mastery of a drone flute may demand practice and breath control development, but the resulting sound is well worth the effort. These flutes serve excellently as meditation instruments. The single chamber can be played alone, while sounding both chambers simultaneously produces two complementary notes.

To keep each bird in place above its track when tied to the flute, a small wooden block is securely glued, ensuring stability and enhancing the overall function. Numerous new possiblities are created by playing a Gray Fox drone flute.

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