Collection: Native American Style Flutes

Native American style flutes by Gray Fox, discover the soulful sound!

Explore our range of Native American-style flutes available for all skill levels. Gray Fox meticulously handcrafts these instruments using premium western cedar, tuning them in a minor pentatonic scale. Each flute undergoes precise craftsmanship, with burned finger holes, sound hole, and air hole to ensure sealed wood for a smooth, resonant sound.

The 'Woodland' design features an air channel that is cut into the flute body itself. These flutes are meticulously hand-tuned hole by hole to ensure excellent intonation. Additionally, they receive an oil treatment inside and out, safeguarding the wood from over-drying while enhancing its natural beauty.

I attempt to keep prices affordable, aiming to make these instruments accessible to everyone. Despite the competitive prices, rest assured, every flute is crafted with dedication. Your satisfaction is paramount, backed by a guaranteed exchange policy if needed. Please note, wood grain and shade may vary, making each flute unique in its appearance.