Gray Fox's Purpose in making flutes

There is just something about music....
the world is made of it,
really. It creates a stirring inside that is unlike anything else on

So that being said, creating
music is a gift and a blessing.
It is to speak a language
that has no 'words', a universal language.

The possibility of helping
someone experience this gift and blessing so directly as to play an
instrument is what has driven me to create gray fox flutes.

Music has always been there
for me, and I would love to be able to assist seekers with a personal
avenue to experience what music can do for them.
You need not be a musician to
play my flutes.
Just exhale your own song,
right from your heart.
covering the finger holes will come with little, if any practice.
minimal effort comes great reward.

...And so after some quality time with your Native
American style flute, you may reach

a point in your playing where you make a

You realize the notes and melody that you breath

are flowing from and though your heart, soul,

Give it freely to the wind, this heart song,

as it was freely given to you.

To help that connection is

the goal of Gray Fox Flutes

Healing Sounds of a Spirit Flute in 432 Tuning.

flute blanks

Flutes begin from a blank of appropriate size for the key and bore size needed.

inside bore of large bore flute

Next, the blank is cut in half, each side routed, and carefully glued back together. This is how a large bore flute is made.

inside sound chamber

The blank remains one piece and is bored on all other flutes to create the sound and slow air chambers. The smooth, perfectly round bore makes for a great sounding instrument.

bored and rounded flutes

Flutes are then rounded and sanded several times. The bird nest is also cut in.

burning tool

The sound and air holes as well as the track are burned in so the flute's key can be tuned.

Once that is done, the finger holes can be laid out, and burned in as well.

Gray Fox Flute

More sanding,and fine tuning for the best possible sound, and oiling results in a Gray Fox Flute.